Miracle Month

Miracle Month

‘Radical Generosity that allows us to Extend our Table’

The Heart of Miracle Month

Pray for our Gathering & Growing Deeper

“We are praying that over this month we can see us as individuals and as a community go deeper into surrender, sacrifice, trust and faith in Jesus Christ

That we as a church would develop a deeper “Heart of Worship””

Pray that we can Grow & Go Wider
“We are praying that our lives, our building, our programs and everything else we do would allow people to see and be curious about the Hope of Jesus Christ in our lives.

We are praying for opportunities to invite people to Alpha in October.
The Challenge: 5 names of people that the Spirit may stir curiosity around Jesus.


Pray & Fast for practical ways & gifts we can Give

“We are a body made up of many parts and so we pray for God to reveal our gifts & to increase our generosity in this season. Ways we can sacrificially give, not just in finance but in time and energy and creativity, towards the mission of our church.

Pray & Fast for the Future

“We are praying for the future of Burleigh Heads Church of Christ, that as a church it may be in Gods will. That we may grow deeper and wider, connecting with this community long into the future. That relationships built or seeded now will continue to grow and bear fruit. That the church would be bigger than any one person, any leader, any season. That it would be a tangible representation of God’s love & presence on the southern Gold Coast.”

Gather Better
When we gather, we seek to do so with clarity and intention. We want to help those joining us to understand why we are gathering and to do so in a way that is inviting and Purposeful.

Side Screens Auditorium – $5800
Back Drop/Cross, Paint & some Additional lights – $4200
Services Filmed and Streamed online – $5100

Grow Deeper & Wider
We are truly blessed with our facility and we want to use it any way possible to connect with the community, as we grow wider. We also seek to equip our people with the correct resources to equip them to grow deeper.

Door to the Playground – $4100
Coffee Shop/Back area Fit-out – (Up to) $5000
Some Library resources around Discipleship -$900

Go With Purpose & Intent
Our overseas mission is the same heart as our local mission; to see the kingdom expanded through discipleship. Therefore, we have some additional overseas mission and development costs that we would love to invest in.

100% Hope- $500- $1000
Shoe Box Admin Cost- $500- $1000

We Give With a Future Focus
We want to steward what we have long into the future. Rather than just funding short term projects, we seek to have a larger vision & framework for what we are working towards and in. Any additional generosity raised under MM will go towards a Future Building Fund and exploration around what the future of Burleigh Church of Christ could look like. Additional generosity

Target $27 100


Account Name: Burleigh Church of Christ

Bank: Westpac Bsb: 034 238

Account No: 119955

Description: Miracle Month

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