Hebrews Part 7 (Fathers Day)

Hebrews (Part 7) Fathers day – Sermon Link

What type of experience have you had with your father?

Tell us some discipline stories? What’s something you did.. that you got in so much trouble for?

How does your view or experience of your father, affect your view of God?

If this passage is right and God is more present, active and generious then we could imagine, what does this mean for your life?

How would you live differently if you truly knew this to be true?


Hebrews 3:12-19

Hebrews Part 5 Sermon Podcast

Key Scripture: Hebrews 3:12-19

Questions for Small Table Discussion

Q1. If you have listened to the sermon or read the passage, what stood out to you the most?

Q. The book of Hebrews so far has been challenging us on the Superiority of Jesus. What does the writer challenge us to do with that information?

Q. Are you telling your story in the way you live? or a Christ-based story of Hope?

Q. What things in your life at the moment, needs to be reminded of the story of Christ & His superiority?

Q. How do you remind yourself of His Life-Giving message?

Q. How can you Practise & Speak hope more in your everyday life?



Hebrews 2:1-4 (Celebration Service

Sermon Link here: Hebrews – Sermon – Part 2

Reading: Hebrews 2:1-4


Our culture is consumed by Critic, Comparison, Competition. To fight this, we need to learn to Celebrate more.  Specifically what God has blessed us with and what he in doing in our life.

What ways can your family/Small Table celebrate Jesus and each other more?



Hebrews – Series Questions

Intro – Hebrews 1 –

Hebrews Sermon – Part 1

Q. Where or who do you first go to when your concerned or need answers?

Is it: Parents, Friends, Books, Google, Forums etc?


Q. What would it look like to go to Jesus first?


Q. What things would you struggle more to go to Jesus with, than others?


Q. What “Practises” could you put in place to help you grow in understanding and trust in Jesus?


Activity – Write a prayer between you and God for this season.  What things do you wish to surrender? what things do you wish to grow in? What things do you want to keep on track with? Put these thoughts into prayer and share with “Small Table” if possible.



Hebrews – Family Activities


Develop a rhythm of daily prayer (Around the dinner table or as part of the bedtime routine)

Q. Ask your children if there was anything that worried them or they didn’t like about the day, or they found hard?

P. Ask Jesus to be in and apart of their concerns and worries.

Q. Ask your children about what they are most thankful for from that day?

P. In Prayer thank Jesus for everything they have mentioned each day.



Find a moment each morning to give the day to Jesus. When possible together. Making this the first thing you both do together in the morning means the first thing your marriage, family and day starts with is Jesus.






DNA Series – We Grow – Part 2 – Small Table Questions.

Key Book for Series: Ephesians

Key Passages: Ephesians 4  & John 15

Sermon link: We Grow – Part 2 – Sermon 

What type of people do you seek to be around?

What type of people are allowed to have a voice into your life at the moment?

Do you trust those voices?

Do you have voices that looking out for you?

Do you have voices that are helping you stay accountable to your pursuits?

Do you have trusted people in your life helping you be more like Jesus?


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